Level Up Your B2B Sales Teams. Get Stronger Sales Results Faster.

Summary: Raising company results is simple to want, yet hard to do. It requires top quality SaaS or B2B sales teams, and top quality leadership. Leadership that will help you plan, test and make change that actually works. Change to create continuous, market leading growth, success and retention, and deliver profit.

Change is Hard. We Make it Simple to Level Up B2B Sales Results.

Every business leader needs a winning and successful sales team.

Creating company success requires a creating sales success. It is hard to be a great B2B business without a great B2B sales team.

Sales volume, sales growth and customer wins are key measures of business success. And such success occurs because great sales teams drive great results.

But those goals can be hard to achieve.

When sales results do not achieve business goals and expectations, you need to learn why. Among the toughest decisions leaders make are answers that solve sales problems. Making the right decisions about what you change is crucial for your success.

Decisions Power Your Sales Success

The decision to drive change creates tough questions, and real concerns. Our management consulting services focus on helping you improve decision making related to your sales force performance.

You will have many challenging questions, with few clear answers.

Questions such as: Do I have the right model? Do I have the right sales team, processes, sales systems, and the right management? Do I need to improve my selling and support tools? Do we use best practices in our selling activities. Does my team have the right leadership skills and qualities to drive top performance?

The bottom line question: how much improvement will a change help you actually achieve?

Questions like: What steps and actions will produce the results we want? How much time will I have to wait to learn if our changes are working? What is the best way to attract and keep top sales talent? How do I create an accurate map of our customer journey (Forbes)? How do we increase the time spent selling to prospects? Which options are best to improve customer retention, and lower customer decision times? And what about social and digital transformations and acceleration (Forbes)?

And what about CRM? Do we need SalesForce or Hubspot, or can a different sales system work as well for us? Which KPIs and metrics are the best ones to use? How much customization is too much?

How B2B and SaaS companies are different

So, what is B2B sales, and how is it different than other selling types? B2B, or B to B means business to business. That refers to products and services sold to business buyers not consumers segments. Businesses use teams, or buying committees to make choices about what to buy. That approach reduces risks of a bad decision for the business. It often make the decision time longer.

A key B2B segment that has experienced significant growth is software as a service (SaaS). What is SaaS? It is software that is sold, used, and paid for on a monthly or annual basis. Enterprise software is expensive. The SaaS payment structure reduces CapEx, or large capitalized expenses. That helps match and align business income with business expense. Also, note that a business focused company can also sell SaaS products, which is referred to as a B2B SaaS company.

What’s Your Business Goal?

Making adjustments to improve sales performance can drive great success and value creation. But mistakes can cause unforeseen setbacks and unintended outcomes.

It’s important to select the right option for you and your business. You want to consider how to balance related yet conflicting matters. One example: how to balance the goal of driving sales without harming your sales culture (Harvard Business Review).

Ready to Level Up Your B2B Sales Results?

If your sales team is not performing, and not converting sales prospects as needed, our sales management system experts can help. We improve or level up the skills of B2B sales teams. That helps them shift and transform results from good to great, so they can begin to break sales records for you.

Unique expertise. For your unique business

We are experts in helping sales and executive leaders of business to business and software as a service companies build teams that produce record results. We focus on the complex details of the sales force, as well as inside sales, and customer success and customer service facing teams.

That includes product development, strategy, marketing and lead generation and customer success. Further, our sales system helps guide and develop skills to enhance both selling results and B2B or SaaS management practices.

Fact-based Approach

StrikeZone Sales Systems uses a transparent, fact-based approach and unique tools to assess your entire selling value chain. That includes frontline sellers, sales operations, technical and engineering teams, and sales support teams.

We help you reduce change risk because of our approach, tools, engagements, and decades of experience. So, we help you see the realities and risks of change. It’s part of the StrikeZone difference.

Creating Business Value and Valuation

If your business is not reaching its full potential, The Strike Zone approach can help. Our experience is creating durable sales growth, operational excellence, and strong financial results.

We use a fact and metric-driven approach to guiding changes and improvements in your sales team. Our analysis and improvement decision strategy use an approach similar to the actions by Billy Beane, as described in the book and movie Moneyball. Our management consulting services capabilities ensure a professional approach that aligns with your interests as owners, executives, and investors for stronger outcomes, goals, and results.

Experts in Solving Sales Problems

StrikeZone services are tailored to B2B and SaaS firms. That is because business decision making is more complex. Business buyers have their own unique behavior, decision making style and approach, risk management, cultures, metrics, technology and terminologies that require a unique and tailored approach required to win desired “logos” accounts.

Our approach differs from others who may do courseware like coaching or videos that are intended for any sales team. We focus on your specific needs, not generic training and leadership development. Our services are designed to help you produce better results, and reduce the risks and challenges of change.

Services Designed to Fit You and Your Situation

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Sales, Services, Assessment, Audit, and Development options include:

Corporate services options:

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