About Rick Janezic and StrikeZone Sales Systems

About Rick and Strike Zone

Summary: StrikeZone Sales Systems helps B2B and SaaS leaders increase sales results to break records. StrikeZone was founded and is led by CEO Rick Janezic.

We help business owners, executives and investors to improve business success. We focus on the most important, and most difficult business function to get right. That is the performance and results created by your SaaS or B2B sales teams, and the leaders that guide them.

As a management consulting firm, our specialization is sales team, sales process, and sales force effectiveness. We see our role as one to help you win the race of sales and customer acquisition. Our mission is to increase sales results and success by leveling up your sales teams and sales leaders.

B2B and SaaS sales teams are complex, expensive, and hard to get right. How expensive? The all in costs of a high quality B2B SaaS marketing and sales team can be 50% of your expenses.

That is a lot of money. The key question is which is more valuable: the amount you invest, or the value you receive from what you invest?

The reality is that when you do get those key items right, a transformation and shift does occur. The quality, alignment and results of sales teams moves from good to great. And the transition and shift is exciting and rewarding to observe. Sales revenues increase. Customer counts increase. EBITDA increases, as does your business valuation.

The success of your sales teams drives the success of your business. In essence, to meet and hit the a target with your prospects that leads them to say yes.

That process of getting a hit – that is, winning an order – can a complicated process, from initial inquiry or call to an order for business.

Our Goal: The StrikeZone difference

Our goal is to help you achieve your most bold business goals.

Our decades of experience prove a crucial fact. Most sales organizations are not designed for success.

Our decades of experience prove another crucial fact. Sales teams designed for success create record setting sales results.

Our goal is to help you find and solve stubborn problems with your sales organization. Solving those problems create significant sales growth and financial success.

When we fix problems and find opportunities, your sales team shifts from good to great. That enables them, and your business, to become effective so they make, and break sales records.

When we shift your sales teams from good to great, we help you do more than increase sales revenue. We help you create more clients and customers. Moreover, more loyal and satisfied clients and customers. Fixing these items translates to better client retention, less churn, and higher valuation.

We also bring proven, high-quality methods, practices and systems that drive top performance. We help you get great sales people and empower them with great skill and tools. Together, that powers you to you win more customers faster, and with less cost.

Strikezone Founder And Ceo Richard Rick Janezic
Rick Janezic, StrikeZone

Our experience has helped us learn and build a rare level and depth of skills. Skills that includes sales, marketing, customer success, sales and business strategy, and innovation.

We draw from over 100 tools and systems to help us find, audit, and measure sales challenges. We use math and science, not trial and error, to uncover the root causes of sales problems.

And we help you fix and solve sales problems.

Our proven skills, insights, and systems come from leading companies and sources. It is an expertise that spans early-stage, mid-market, and enterprise-class companies. We have helped companies through growth, turnaround, restructuring, and business renewal scenarios.

We use Math, Science and Data to Help You Drive Stronger Sales Results

Rick Janezic, CEO, StrikeZone Sales Systems

What I have learned from leaders like you is that decisions to make business changes can be rationally and emotionally difficult.

You want deep and careful thought when planning business changes. In essence, clear facts and tangible evidence that confirm the time and investments in change will lead to stronger financial, operational, and business valuation metrics. Leaders want to see the case for change, and the plans to achieve it. Further, you want to ensure that changes lead to more value, with less risk.

We take the chance out of change. So, our process begins with a free, private consultation. We are selective in how we choose our clients. We only take clients that we have high confidence in our ability and expertise to help. 

My commitment to you: if you choose us to help you and your company, we will provide solutions and services and proof that our recommendations are sound, and will work, and will help guide you to greater success. If we cannot achieve that, we will not accept or pursue you as a client.