About Strike Zone & How Ted Williams Can Improve Your Sales Team by 10X

Ted Williams, Data, Baseball, and the StrikeZone Story

Summary: StrikeZone was founded to help business and sales leaders move their B2B and SaaS companies from good to great performance. That means stronger, smarter decisions that drive increased financial, operational and valuation performance. Read about our mission, and the origins of StrikeZone story and strategy.

Deciding to make a change in your business is an easy task.

Making the right decision about what to change, when to change it, and how to change it, is far harder.

What lessons can we learn from the success of others? A lot.

We search for the best thinking about improving performance. For StrikeZone, it is a daily endeavor. Business moves fast, and top companies move even faster. That makes our need to search a daily challenge. A need, and a desire for continuous improvement, learning and development.

One of the key influences we looked to when we started StrikeZone was a member of the baseball Hall of Fame. It is the former Major League Baseball MLB Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams.

Deciding to make changes to improve company performance can be gut-wrenching. Why? Because there is a natural human fear of being wrong. Of making a mistake. Of creating a so-called self-inflicted wound. So, a key question we ask ourselves when considering change is: how confident are you that the changes you plan will work as expected and desired?

It’s a hard question to ask, and answer. What if I make a mistake, or in baseball terms, an error? No one wants to make errors.

The core matter is why change something. In business, we refer to such an evaluation as defining the case for change. A case for change requires careful and deep thought. For business, we want to find improvements that are both effective and durable.

It requires that you first assess if a change or adjustment is needed. Then, success requires understanding what to change, and by how much. We refer to such an analysis as a business case.

So, what is a business case? It is a fact-based review of current business conditions and operations, and why they should be changed for the sake and survival of the business. Performing a business case analysis, or BCA, provides a fact-based story that answers the question “why change?”

We help you Choose the Improvements that Create Better Results

So, which changers are the right changes for you? Further, which changes should you act upon now, and which should you defer? Further, how will you know which changes are right? And moreover, which are best suited for your business and exceed the risks of making such change?

I’m Rick Janezic. I founded StrikeZone to help executives like you increase the success of your B2B or SaaS business.

Our goal is to level up, shift and transform results from good to great for your:

  • B2B or B2B SaaS sales team
  • Sales support and customer success teams
  • Marketing, digital, and strategy teams
  • Sales leadership practices, methods and results
  • Onboarding, selection, leadership and development for your sales organization

When we work together to achieve those goals, we help your team to make and break sales records.

About our StrikeZone name, and Ted Williams

Our name, and approach, draws inspiration from baseball legend Ted Williams.

Known as the best hitter in baseball history, Ted Williams stats prove his greatness. The Boston Red Sox star still holds many records for his achievements 80 years after he played. A popular Ted Williams nickname was the Splendid Splinter. However, he was most proud of achieving his goal to be known as the Greatest Hitter that Ever Lived. And he was. He is most celebrated for his season batting average of .406, a record for MLB stats he set in 1941 that still stands today. Moreover, he authored a seminal work on his skills as a hitter. In The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams, he reveals his insights and methods to improve your hitting a baseball. It is a serious examination that is studied by all who are committed to improving their hitting skills, and sales skills.

Ted Williams, Strikezone Inspiration
Ted Williams the inspiration for StrikeZone.

So, you may wonder, what is the connection? Strike zone baseball and sales? How are Ted, sales and selling, and business leadership all interconnected? What can we learn from the MLB batting leaders Ted Williams about business decisions, and how to increase sales?

Ted Williams, StrikeZone, and Your Sales Performance

Ted was a student of hitting. He developed a strategy, discipline, and conviction to swing only at balls he knew that could hit well. His approach led him to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

We see a direct connection with business success. As such, we help you develop a strategy, discipline and conviction to sell well where you can sell well.

In B2B meaning business to business sales, Ted’s approach is simple, yet powerful strategy. That same strategy holds true for SaaS meaning software as a service, or SaaS software businesses.

After all, what is B2B sales, and what is SaaS sales success entail? It is to find and use a winning sales strategy. Our strategy combines the right salespeople and practices with the right prospects.

The great Ted Williams described his ideal hitting zone space as his “happy zone.” His happy zone was the strike zone area in which his swing worked best at achieving a hit.

When you find your happy zone in baseball, you get a lot of hits. When you find your happy zone in B2B sales, you win a lot of sales and customers. Working in sales is hard, and working in your happy zone will help you improve your effectiveness.

When you find and play in your selling happy zone, it results in more wins, sales that close faster, and cost less. A strong sales process and better sales calls leads to more sales revenue with shorter sales cycles. We have seen using this strategy and process make a 5x to 10x change in performance.

There is a simple yet powerful correlation: when your sales team improves, you help your prospects make better decisions. Faster decisions.

Decisions to choose your firm to help them achieve their business goals. And you help yourself in the process.

Sales, leadership, and decision making can all improve by using Ted’s approach to hitting. But we go further.

Our improvement strategy to your team selection and development is similar to that used by Billy Beane as popularized in the book and movie Moneyball.

We use statistics, metrics, and facts to drive our recommendations for sales team members. Billy Beane, and now other baseball leaders use sabermetrics, a baseball specific strategy to baseball player performance analysis.

We use capability and performance analysis strategies and tools that are specific to B2B and SaaS sales talent. Money ball, Sabermetrics, and the Strike Zone Sales System all rely on facts and an evidence-based practice to decision-making. The benefits of our strategy combine both risk management (avoiding mistakes) and performance improvement. That translates to better sales results.

And that is the StrikeZone approach.

Our Process

Our process is built on facts, evidence, and is designed and aligned with your goals in mind.

We use a transparent, value-centered process for sales team improvement. We rely on math, science and data to guide our recommendations. Recommendations that help your team improve each sales call, whether by phone, by Zoom, or in-person. Recommendations to find sales tools that help your team sell more, and sell with less cost.

Ultimately, we measure success by how it improves your overall sales and revenue results.

Moreover, we align our process to your goals: short-term improvements, long-term business value creation, or planning and preparing for a business exit. StrikeZone tools, experience, and process combine to help to remove the uncertainty and anxiety of change.

When better results from your B2B sales organization is your top priority, StrikeZone is your top choice.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how our approach can help your B2B or SaaS sales organization improve, and break sales records.