Advisory Board Services for Saas & B2B

Advisory Board Services guide B2B and SaaS success

Summary: The stress and pressures on executives can be crushing. Customers, employees, partners, investors and bankers demand your time and attention. They want answers, and that requires decisions. Conditions in B2B and SaaS business can change rapidly. Your ability to make great decisions at the speed of business is crucial. The right advisory board can help you make better, smarter decisions with less regret.

Improve Decision Making Quality

A high quality advisory board can help improve your business decision quality and confidence. That is especially true for B2B meaning business to business, and SaaS meaning software as a service companies as well. The cadence, pace and complexity of B2B and SaaS companies are faster and more dynamic. That requires more decisions, and faster decisions to more complex questions.

The B2B and SaaS company have added pressures for sound decision making. By design, SaaS companies have far more technical complexity. B2B meaning business to business firms must deal with more competitive intensity. Many B2B and SaaS companies also have a faster pace and more things that change. As a result, they have more service level performance related risks.

Types of Boards

It is helpful to know that there are several different type of boards. So, what is a board, and what is an advisory board?

A board of directors exists for help and the benefit of the company. They are responsible to ensure that the CEO or most senior executive has the support and guidance needed. They are also responsible to evaluate the performance and fitness of the CEO for continued duty.

A governance board can refer to a board of directors, a supervisory or executive board. Board members are responsible to monitor, protect the interests, and supervise the affairs of a company. They are expected to help decide on the direction of the business including oversight, strategic planning, decision-making and financial planning.

Advisory boards are there to advise and recommend actions, and provide decision support for the senior executive or executive team.

Boards Help You Avoid Bad Decisions and Add risk control.

Seasoned board members bring broad business experience. Their decision making skills can increase the depth and quality of your business vision, and increase your decision making confidence. As a result, the value and wisdom obtained from successful business veterans helps B2B and SaaS leaders learn new options, avoid risks, and find new perspectives to stubborn problems.

The Value of External Experience

Experience from outside directors providing also enables B2B and SaaS leaders to discover crucial business blind spots and recognized other risks. Their decision making process can guide the executive team to consider advanced matters such as corporate governance practices, capital structure, and credit management and credit risk stability.

Bankers and investors appreciate and value experienced external board members for alignment and guidance, experienced perspective, improved risk management, and alignment toward predictability and long term planning. The value of such qualities improves decisions, and enables executives to avoid crucial and costly mistakes.

Save Time and Money

So, a strong board and advisory team of external experts can help you avoid unseen future problems. That can save you months or years worth of time and avoid mistakes that cause significant damage to financial results and business valuation. Strong, experienced external board members can provide insights that reduce planning time, and strengthen risk management and control practices. In other words, that can reduce risks across areas such as finance, operations, strategy, and technical and cyber exposure.

Board And Advisory Services
Board Advisory Services for better decisions

Our Board Advisory Services

StrikeZone’s Corporate Board Advisory services (CBA) can help. Our focus is helping you to increase your business performance and results. We can add depth, experience, and insights to your business advisory team with:

  • Broad functional and scenario experience
  • Professional advisory in strategic, technical, operations and functional decisions
  • Term or interim roles 

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