B2B & SaaS Sales Team Functional Audit (SOFA)

B2B and SaaS Sales Team and Sales Force Functional Audit

Summary: When sales results are not acceptable, and you consider changes to your B2B or SaaS sales team, what do you change, and where do you start? A full functional audit of your B2B or SaaS sales team and customer facing organization can help you find gaps and uncover the root cause of sales performance problems. Your bottom line profits are directly impacted by high quality top line sales and revenue production teams, practices, methods and strategies.

What’s the problem(s)?

It is hard to solve a problem that you cannot clearly see, define, and measure. Further, it is also hard to solve the whole problem without understanding the whole problem. Moreover, poor sales results often has multiple causes that must all be discovered to fully solve the problem. Our SOFA service can help.

StrikeZone’s Sales Force and Organizational Functional Audit (SOFA) may be the right option. SOFA examines and scores all areas of your B2B & SaaS sales team, as well as all customer facing functions that help drive and support revenue generation.  That includes crucial areas including your current sales talent, as well as talent attraction processes, and retention.

SOFA isolates and examines the key parts of your customer facing organization to assess which areas are working well, and which need a deeper audit. You can begin to learn where problems may be lurking by taking these 3 steps.

1. Look at Your Marketing and Lead Generation

The Marketing team and function helps find potential interest for sales to convert into customers. Great marketing is crucial for success of your sales force and sales team efforts. And marketing has become much more complex today. Many B2B and SaaS brands and product sound similar. That confuses clients. Great marketing and effective marketing strategy helps your product and service to stand out in a crowded space. When done well, great marketing should enable B2B and SaaS sales team to place bring more quality prospects to close and convert into customers and clients more quickly via shorter sales cycles.

Marketing covers a broad area. There are many elements that your must get right. Areas include content development, blogs and social media, targeting and retargeting, website development and SEO (search engine optimization), advertising campaigns and landing pages, persona and avatar development and validation, KOL, VOC, CAC, and more. Assessing these areas for cost, quality, impact are crucial to determine how they are supporting sales activities, and effectiveness.

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Transform your entire sales organization from good to great

Evaluate Your Sales Team and Sales Force

Sales teams are complex. B2B and SaaS sales teams are very complex, and very expensive. When you add the complete costs of frontline sales people, like account executives (AE) and account managers (AM), inside sales, sales development reps (SDR), sales support, and sales managers, the total cost can rank in the top 10 of cost areas of a B2B or SaaS company. Further, sales culture can be strong in practice, yet delicate under duress.

So, making a change to a sales team must be carefully planned, tested and executed. While you can unwind and return to prior conditions if the changes cause excess turmoil, your culture and management reputation can be severely damaged once changes are announced. In other words, you want ensure that the changes you plan to implement are thoroughly tested and have proof of success and value in your organization before you announce or begin making adjustments.

Your options of what can be changed is long, including:

  • Current B2B or SaaS sales team members 
  • Adding new team members, and your selection process
  • Team culture
  • Examine key metrics like close ratios
  • Adding or changing CRM, sales enablement, or other sales software technology systems
  • B2B sales training including problems solves, products, process
  • SaaS sales training including problems solves, products, process
  • Competitive sales training tactics and techniques
  • Quota assignment and structure
  • Compensation, incentives and recognition structure

Read more about our Sales Team assessment services.

Check your Customer Success and Professional Services Effectiveness

Catching a customer is hard. Keeping them may be harder still. Churn, a measure of customer loss and attrition can be due to sales, professional services, or a multiple factors. The hard and costly effort of creating a new customer can be quickly lost if your customer service and success efforts are weak. High levels of churn hurt any company, but are especially damaging to B2B and SaaS firms.

Why Choose StrikeZone to help?

StrikeZone uses proven systems, practices, and tools. These tools evaluate the quality and fit of your sales, marketing, product development and customer success teams. Our process uses math and science, not trial and error, to reveal the root causes of poor sales results.

In summary, our process and detailed approach results in what we call the StrikeZone difference.

Your top line sales success depends on the quality of your team. Our SOFA services can help improve how you select, onboard, lead and develop each team member, and the combined team.

How we help you build a better sales organization

SOFA provides a high level review of functional areas including:

  • business & product strategy, as well as product development
  • digital marketing, messaging, lead generation, and targeting
  • sales team, process, results, tools, partners & channels
  • customer success, loyalty, and customer support services
  • B2B and SaaS team selection, onboarding, training, development
  • B2B and SaaS team sales strategies to improve sales performance and results
  • Sales leadership and development processes, skills, tools

Contact us to schedule a confidential conversation about your organization to determine if SOFA is the right choice for you and your company.