SaaS & B2B Sales Teams Assessments & Audit services.

Use our Sales Teams Assessments & Audits to Find, Fix Gaps

Summary: Your sales teams and sales organization exists to create new clients. How well are your teams performing? SaaS & B2B sales team assessments audit performance, and give you the depth and insight about how to plan changes and improvements.

Do You Have a Team Problem, or Something Else?

Making changes to SaaS or B2B sales teams creates anxiety. That anxiety occurs within you. But it also occurs within each member of your sales team. And within your sales team as a whole, as well as within your sales leader and across your company. So, there is good reason to pause, evaluate and test prior to making changes.

Further, changes can improve results, or, the choices of change could damage and lower results. Once changes are made, it can be difficult and risky to try to return to prior arrangements or structures. So, you want proof of value to make the right choices and changes that help your company and your team create the desired results.

The good news is that there are many ways to test your actions before you enact them. We, for example use sales team audits and assessments, as well as individual testing, audits and assessments. Further, we can examine your entire sales organization before enacting changes. That helps to ensure where performance gaps and problems truly exist prior to changes. Such information can help improve your clarity, certainty and confidence that you enact the right changes for your team, your sales organization, and your company.

B2B Team Assessment
Sales Team Assessment. High output sales results.

Change what: choices and options: which is right for you?

It is a long list of areas and items that you can choose from to make changes. But making an uninformed or emotional guess out of frustration can be a very risky option that can cause far more harm than benefit.

If removing the uncertainty of change is important to you, our range of services can help better inform you as to your range of options, choices, risks and value. Further, we can recommend which options are your ideal choices, and how to order and sequence such changes.

Here are items to consider:

  • Current team: do you have the right team – one that can win?
  • Sales skill audits and assessments: do they have all the right skills needed for success?
  • Sales personality tests and assessments: are they a style and personality match for you, and your company, and your clients?
  • Add new team members. We can help improve the strength and clarity of your selection process
  • Team culture: what is your team culture; who fits, and who doesn’t, and why?
  • Are sales”Rockstars” right for you?
  • Quota assignments, balance and achievement structure
  • Compensation, incentives, bonus and recognition structure
  • Coverage models: do you have the right team working on the right clients and markets?
  • Creating, modifying, changing your sales playbooks
  • Onboarding process design, completeness, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Training and development
  • Sales leadership quality
  • Sales process and relevant performance metrics
  • Channels
  • Sales software tools and digital options
  • and the list goes on

How our Sales Team Assessments Help Improve Your Team

When the time, cost and results of client creation no longer meet your expectations, our Sales Team Audit (STA) service can help pinpoint and measure the specific causes. STA includes:

  • audits and assesses all aspects of your sales team
  • written deliverables and recommendations
  • fixed price

Contact us for a confidential conversation about your concerns and requirements. We can discuss your goals and questions, and confirm that our STA services are right for you.