Exit Planning Readiness Assessment Services

Exit Planning and Readiness Assessment Services

Summary: Most business owners struggle with the question of how best to position their firm for an eventual exit. The mere thought of the many considerations can be daunting, and cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Most business owners also know that strong exit planning can help you increase your business value of your firm. Together, a well designed plan, combined with the right actions, builds confidence to move forward, and creates value.

Your decision to sell your B2B or SaaS business can create many difficult yet important questions and concerns. Creating a strong plan for a business exit requires careful thought, skillful actions, and professional guidance.

Selling your business is a significant event that can create great personal wealth and increase your net worth. It can also create complex tax implications. For some business owners, a sense of loss of identity.

It is likely that you have many questions. When is the right time? What is my current value? How do I optimize my company to increase my value? Which actions must I avoid? What are the right steps to take right now? If my goal is succession planning, how does that change matters?

How to Build Plans for a High Value Exit

StrikeZone’s Exit Planning and Readiness (EPR) services may help.

We use a fact-based approach to help you understand your business and your motivations, as well as comprehend, review, and weigh your range of options. That enables you and us to see the realities of your current state, examine options and actions to consider. It helps you to think through the right sequence and steps to take that will minimize risk and your maximize business valuation for your exit.

Our due diligence process helps gather key information that will help you to clearly and confidently communicate with interested parties, and their third party advisors. Whether a private buyer, private equity firms, an acquisition by a competitor or strategic buyer, planning helps increase your value and position. The business plan and business strategy also help you to avoid crucial missteps. Missteps that can affect value creation, reduce perceived value, or create perceived risk for interested parties.

Business Exit Planning Exit Strategy To Maximize Your Business Valuation
Business Exit Planning & Exit Strategy. Maximize Your Business Valuation

Highlights of the Planning Process

We explore and examine which options will drive sales, customer, and key operational metrics. Metrics that increase earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, otherwise known as EBITDA, as well as other important controllable financial drivers that can impact your multiple and pricing. Our process includes gathering and examining comparable transactions for perspective, insight and guidance for your situation. Further, we use professional, independent valuation partners who will provide you with a detailed and current view of how external buyers see and consider your small business. That is a crucial emotional and financial factor as you start conversations that develop into negotiations. It also assists in creating an exit strategy that is optimized for your unique business.

How StrikeZone help you Maximize your Business Exit

EPR takes a broad approach to helping you assess, develop options, and make informed exit planning decisions that consider factors such as:

  • Company, industry, history, trajectory and planning
  • Sales, marketing, product, and customer facing services functions
  • Current product and service portfolio, roadmap, and innovation structure
  • Written assessments and considerations
  • External valuation guidance and partner introductions
  • Professional, experienced guidance

Experts who Help You Choose Options to Increase Your Business Value

Contact us to discuss how to decide if it is the right time for you to begin planning to sell your business. We can have a private discussion about how our EPR services might be helpful. Together, we can guide you in the right steps and plan for an exit that you gives you a stronger position and options to improve your value. That allow you to choose if, how, and when to sell with success and confidence.