What is StrikeZone Sales Systems?

StrikeZone is a sales and management consulting services company that is focused on the needs of B2B and SaaS companies. See more at https://strikezonesalessystems.com/

Why is the company named StrikeZone?

We chose the name StrikeZone as a tribute to baseball Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame player Ted Williams. Ted remains as the best hitter in US Major League Baseball with a season hitting record of .406 for the 1941 season. Williams used a strategy of only swinging at pitches within the strike zone that he knew he had a high probability of achieving a hit. He referred to this area of the strike zone as his “happy zone.” See more at https://strikezonesalessystems.com/about-strikezone-story-ted-williams/

What services does StrikeZone provide?

StrikeZone provides a broad set of sales and management consulting services to help leaders and owners improve results of their sales revenue and profitability. Services include audit, assessment and analysis of the sales team, the entire sales organization, and sales selection. We also provide leadership assessment and development services for sales leaders and executive team members. Our due diligence services help private equity and investors measure and understand the strengths and risks of acquiring a company. Further, we help owners and investors take actions within their sales organization that enable them to maximize their business valuation multiples. Those actions help improve the level of investor interest in their company, the speed the sale or acquisition, and increases their value upon exit.