Leadership Development and Assessments for B2B and SaaS companies

Leadership Development and Assessments

Summary: Great leadership is a crucial need for all functions of all companies. But few B2B or SaaS firms have formal development programs that truly enhance the strength of their leaders. Leadership development and assessments help pinpoint and solve problems. Skilled leaders multiply the impact and results of a team. That translates to a robust impact on team culture, morale, and retention.

Why is Leadership Development Important to the Success of Your B2B or SaaS team

Skilled leadership is important in every area of your business. That is especially true high impact leadership development for your company, including sales leaders, product, marketing and operations. Your senior management team, including CEO, COO, CFO, CSO, CRO and CPO roles set standards for the rest of your company.

Strong, effective leadership is particularly crucial for sales, marketing, and customer facing teams. Improving sales leader quality can be a strong generator for talent attraction and retention, as well as producing superior results. However, costs can be high. Executive training is a $10 billion industry. Leadership skills matter and strongly correlate with business and sale performance. Getting the right match of training ensures that investments in time and cost actually create and deliver the desired results.

There are a broad range of options to measure, and grow leadership skills, style, and qualities.

How to and why test for Leadership qualities

Hundreds of tools exist to test and measure leadership skills, capacity, fit and style. For example, well known models include Gallup’s Clifton Strengths, DISC, MTBI, also known as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

While each tool has its strengths, each provides a deeper view and perspective into the person, their motivations, style, and weaknesses. Some tools are broad, and others are more specialized for specific functional areas. Testing for how your style changes from low stress to high stress situations can be helpful for the leader, and for those who interact with. Further, each tool helps to assess the inherent qualities of each person, which gives insight to the leader, and his or her colleagues.

What to measure?

What is of greatest importance is for you and your team to understand what you believe are the most valued, respected and desired skills for your executive leadership and sales leadership teams. The use of tools becomes much more relevant to assess where your leaders and managers are strong, and where gaps exist. Once those areas are identified and ranked, your investments in leadership training become more focused, productive, and effective.

Leadership Development And Assessments
Leadership Development and Assessments. Build stronger sales leaders that drive results,

Growth Options to Develop Better Leaders

Likewise, there are hundreds of tools and models to expand leadership skills. They include general coaching, situation specific, and focused tools to grow skills such as sales coaching. While many choices exist to enhance and expand skills, it is important to choose what is right for your situation. Among the well known include Dale Carnegie, top university programs like those from Harvard or Stanford, and specialty programs like those from Ken Blanchard. Specialty tools like Kim Scott’s Radical Candor model has become quite popular for its practical style in building better bosses.

Our Leadership Development and Assessments (LDA) services can help you ensure that your leaders have the style, skills, competence and impact. We provide services for private testing, training and growth. Even more important is that our approach is tailored to your team, and your needs.

What our Leadership Assessment and Development includes:

  • Assessments, planning, and leadership skills training and focused development
  • one-on-one private interactions, tailored to the individual, role, company objectives and requirements
  • Flexible scheduling

Leadership Development Focused on the Needs of B2B and SaaS Sales Leaders

Contact us to discuss your goals, needs and concerns. We can explain how our LDA services can help improve the results of your team and company. We offer a free 30-minute call to learn about your needs, and discuss how we can help.