Proof of Value: Measure When to Improve

Measure Proof of Value to Evaluate

Summary: Considering changes to a B2B or SaaS business can create many uneasy questions. Most importantly, will this change be “worth it?” Will we see improvements and benefits that exceed the cost of change? Further, how much effort and cost will we absorb to find this improvement. Finally, how sure are we – what level of certainty do we know that to be true?

Proof of Concept (POC) or Proof of Value (POV) Created?

We want to make smart investments for our business. That means investments and changes that pay off, and create actual value. That is true for business to business (B2B or B to B) and software as a service types (SaaS) of companies.

Before you spend money, you want to that the investment in a person, product, or project will create the actual value and create a payback return that you hope and expect. The key question is: will it? As some say, will the juice (the result) be worth the squeeze (the time, cost and effort)?

To make the smart decisions we all want to make, it is wise to perform an analysis of the proof of value (POV) created, instead what is commonly called a POC, or a proof of concept (POC).

Why? Because a POV measures what you will get. A POC is a test of whether something will work. What is the difference? POV takes into account the realities of time, capital, distraction, and risks.

A POV is a dynamic test about the fit for your unique situation. It evaluates elements like the readiness and capacity of your team, your culture, and your work process to support and execute change.

A POC suggests what you MIGHT get. A POV measures what your WILL get.

In essence, when we plan a change project – a new product, new process, new person – we do so because we want an improvement. A POC suggests improvement. A POV tests and measures the likelihood of it for your company, team, and culture. It helps you to answer the question of how much value instead of a vague hope for value.

When you consider getting help to guide you through changes and improvements, it is common to have concerns. Perhaps you have concerns about how much tangible value will be created. You want to ensure that “the juice is worth the squeeze”. As a management consulting team, our approach includes a broad range of tests to inform your leaders on the realities, resources, and risks.

When you have concerns about matters like quality, solution completeness, and change complexity, POV helps guide your decision. Change, improvement, and sales is hard. You want to evaluate the risks to implement and integrate change into your operations. POV helps you to measure the value created, as well as how well and exactly how it will work for you.

Proof Of Value Services. Select Better Projects
Proof of Value, not proof of concept

Our Proof of Value (POV) service. Cut Uncertainty

Perhaps you are thinking about changing how you select new salespeople. Or, if your current sales process is the right one for you. What is likely to occur if you change quota assignments, or sales compensation? You may wonder if new or different sales software tech stack or sales tools might improve results. Is your team ready to build, sell and support a new product or service?

High Value Results. Short Time Requirements.

POVs durations can be as short as 5 days. Whether 5 days or 5 weeks, each POV is a highly focused project that reveals what we do, how we do it. More importantly, a Proof of Value project will reveal key insights to you, and validate the actual value created by a proposed change to your organization.

Our POV Services Include:

  • a defined scope of work
  • specific, written objectives and deliverables
  • fixed price

Contact us to discuss your needs and concerns, and we can mutually determine if our POV services are right for you.