Sales Software Tech Stack Assessment & Audit Services

Sales Software Systems Tech Stack & App Audit and Assessment

Software systems and digital technology have changed how leaders run and operate their business functions. Those dynamics are also true for sales and marketing functions. Software and systems for sales, marketing and customer facing teams is driving big results for many companies.

Does your company use software and systems to improve sales and marketing? Most B2B and SaaS companies have and use a sales tech stack. Great rewards can be achieved by selecting a tech stack for that empowers and enables your sales team.

But great risks exist as well. Selections that do not match with sales team needs can mean sales software that is owned, but not used. That results in higher costs and lower effectiveness.

While many companies have sales software, studies show they are not obtaining full value from their sales and marketing tech stack and software investments. Poor planning, ineffective training, poor integration, and software customizations that make selling more complicated are among the reasons for low usage.

While SaaS (software as a service) software like CRM systems such as SalesForce Sales Cloud and marketing automation tools like Hubspot are popular, are your investments and spend on apps and a sales tech stack truly enabling your sales teams? Or, would Zoho or Pipedrive or any of the hundreds of other sales customer relationship systems – CRM – be a better choice for you?

Get the right Sales Software Stack: Selection Science

Your choices of your sales software “stack,” or combination of software is crucial to performance. The problem is, there are more than 10,000 different software companies from which to choose. And, sales tech startups continue to launch, so that list continues to grow.

Great choices can drive great results. In other words, software and apps can reduce costs, improve productivity, and lift customer satisfaction. However, the wrong choices can drive up costs and cut productivity. In other words, they can lead to missed opportunities to convert data and discussions into dollars. The right software and app investments will help your sales management team and your sales reps to make smarter choices that create more customers with less time and cost.

It is common for leaders to be concerned about adding software and systems for your sales force. Software can be costly. Changing or adding new systems can be disruptive. Further, it may not be used when is it not well matched to your needs. While many companies have chosen Zoom or Microsoft Teams, are they right for you? More than that, are your sales and marketing teams skilled in effective use of these tool?

So the key questions are, how do you select software that truly improves sales force productivity? Will it truly reduce SG&A costs?

A Long List of Sales Software Choices

Our Sales Software Systems Audit and assessment (SSA) services can help make better choices. With over 10,000 different choices from over 10 different categories, choosing well for you and your situation is a challenge.

Enterprise software companies like IBM, SalesForce and Microsoft, and Oracle are well known. But there are thousands of middle market options. And we cannot neglect the startup and early-stage companies that are creating solutions for the all areas of the sales process.

SaaS sales solutions range from lead generation to sales compensation startups like Qobra.

We can help you audit and assess your software and systems to determine how well they support and enable the needs of your sales team. Most importantly, our audit findings and recommendations help you to shape, develop and optimize value for your sales team. And that can drive stronger results that power your sales and marketing efforts and sales outcomes.

Sales Software Assessment Services To Help You Increase Value And Performance, Not Costs
Sales software matched to business needs is key

Our Sales Systems Software Assessment services provide you:

  • a review and analysis of your current sales software stacks and systems for your sales, marketing, services, and customer facing teams
  • analysis of need, usage, fit, value, and improvement opportunities
  • a written assessment with finding and recommendations

Contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs and concerns. StrikeZone can help you assess and plan to maximize effectiveness of your sales and marketing software teams. We can determine if our SSA services can remove risk, add insight, and drive financial value to your business.